Levi Ward Hancock & Clarissa Reed

Levi Ward Hancock

Born: 7 Apr 1803

Married: 29 Mar 1833

Died: 10 Jun 1882


Parents: Thomas & Amy


     They had the following children:

  • Mosiah Lyman Hancock - 9 Apr 1834

  • Sariah Hancock - 5 Jun 1835

  • Elizabeth Amy Hancock - 14 May 1836

  • Francis Marion Hancock - 16 Apr 1838

  • John Reed Hancock - 19 Apr 1844

  • Levison Hancock - 9 Jun 1845

  • Levi Ward Hancock - 28 Feb 1847

  • Joseph Smith Hancock - 24 Sep 1849


Clarissa Reed

Born: 18 Dec 1814

Died: 17 Jan 1860


Parents: John & Rebecca



Life History of Levi & Clarissa Hancock

Excerpt taken from: Perry & Lora; Their Roots & Branches


2003 Deseret Pioneers



Photographs & Images

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Levi W Hancock

LDS Archives

Levi W Hancock

LDS Archives

Clarissa Reed* Levi Ward Hancock
with sons*

Baptism of Levi

by Clark Kelley Price

Joseph Smith

 & Levi Hancock

by Clark Kelley Price


Levi Hancock &

Ann Tew Family*

Home site in Nauvoo, IL of Levi Ward Hancock Home site in Nauvoo, IL of Levi Ward Hancock Property map of Levi Hancock's farm land Farm land of Levi Hancock in Nauvoo, IL

Knife & fork of Clarissa used crossing the plains

Daughters of Utah Pioneers


Levi W Hancock Journals & Documents PDF

LDS Archives

Levi W Hancock grave Clarissa Reed grave in 1989 in fair condition Clarissa Reed grave in 2001 beginning to decay Clarissa Reed grave in 2001

Clarissa Reed grave

(new marker)

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