Levi Hancock Home Site

Nauvoo, IL

Home built by Levi Ward Hancock in about 1844 in Nauvoo, Illinois. Only a few years after constructing the home, it was abandoned in early 1846 when the Hancocks left for Salt Lake. The foundation of the home can be found on property of the Community of Christ at Water Street and Partridge Street in Nauvoo, Illinois.  

Casa Grande Ruins

Coolidge, AZ

In 1892 Mosiah Lyman Hancock inscribed his name on the ruins of the Casa Grande Ruins while traveling in the area. The inscription can be found within the large ruins located under the pavilion.  

Margaret McCleve Cabin

Taylor, AZ

Home of Margaret McCleve Hancock built in 1884. The cabin was originally built on the east side of Silver Creek near Tumbleweed. It is now on State Route 77 on the southeast corner of Main Street and Willow Lane in Taylor, Arizona.  

Snowflake Academy

Snowflake, AZ

Snowflake Stake Academy where Oliver Perry Hancock attended in 1918 for one year just prior to going on his mission. The academy is located at 148 South 2nd West, Snowflake, Arizona.  

Hancock Home Site

Mesa, AZ

Home built by Oliver Perry Hancock in 1938 at 432 Kimball St. in Mesa, Arizona. Perry chose the site because of its close proximity to the Temple. In 1980 Perry and Lora were found murdered in this home. Within a few years the house was sold and demolished. Across the street on 2nd Avenue and Udall still exist several homes built by Perry.  




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